Big Changes!

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Hey everybody!
I wanted to let you know that I’ve decided to join the cast of the Carolina Opry for the 2014 season! I’m excited for the changes to come. I’d just like to thank everyone, my family, my friends, anyone who has come to my shows, for your endless support and encouragement. I couldn’t have done it without you… I would never have gotten anywhere without you. And most importantly, I’d like to thank my incredible band who have been there from the beginning. My boys are the best boys. So that’s my big news, y’all!  Please come and see me this year, okay?

Happiest of Holidays!

Just Checking In!

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I wanted to give you a late fall update about the rest of the year! There are some awesome shows coming up– so make sure you check out the calendar (or THIS post) so we see your shining happy face!




(Click the pics for more info!)


Also, if you haven’t been in the loop– I started a new original project called “The Purchase!” Here’s a little sample of what to expect from us:

You Ain’t Leaving


Thanks for a totally rad 2013! Let’s make it count, okay?!


(Photo by the always amazing Dana Hawley)



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************UPDATED 10/22/2013*********************


Hi there!

A lot of you have gotten in touch with me via facebook and twitter asking about dates later on down the line than the calendar shows. So! For all of you planners out there– here is a list of already booked  BIBIS BAND shows from now until the end of the year.  Just for you! These dates are subject to change, move and multiply so if you have any questions make sure you get in touch!

And check the calendar!


7/4: Figure Eight Island Yacht Club: Figure Eight Island, North Carolina

7/5: The Whiskey: Wilmington, North Carolina

7/6: Wild Wing Cafe: Wilmington, North Carolina

7/12: Fibbers: Wilmington, North Carolina

7/25: Plyler’s Park: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

7/26: Palm Room: Wilmington, North Carolina



8/2: Wild Wing Cafe: Wilmington, North Carolina

8/8: Carolina Beach Boardwalk: Wilmington, North Carolina

8/23: Towne at Mayfair: Wilmington, North Carolina

8/31: The Whiskey: Wilmington, North Carolina



9/1: Wild Wing Cafe: Wilmington, North Carolina

9/20: Cape Fear Country Club: Wilmington, North Carolina

9/21: Care Gala at the Terraces: Wilmington, North Carolina

9/27: Wild Wing Cafe: Wilmington, North Carolina



10/13: Little River Shrimp Festival: Little River, South Carolina

10/25: Wild Wing Cafe: Wilmington. North Carolina

10/26: The Whiskey: Wilmington, North Carolina



11/1: Pink Ribbon Event: Wilmington, North Carolina

11/2: The Palm Room: Wilmington, NC



12/6: The Oxford, Raleigh NC

12/7: Wilmington Fur Ball at Landfall Country Club: Wilmington, North Carolina

12/13: The Palm Room: Wilmington, NC

12/31: The Whiskey for New Years Eve: Wilmington, North Carolina


We’ll be seeing you!



The Best Feeling In The World…

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…Is feeling like you’ve done something well.

A couple summers ago I made a demo with my greatest friend Fred Champion. I was proud of it, enough so that I actually let people hear it. I let Fred, Logan MB and Lynn Casper (two also great friends) make videos for three of the songs. I put them on youtube. (They can be found here!) and then I woke up this morning to a fan letter on my facebook page with a link to a cover of my song Safe and Soundless.

YouTube Preview Image


I was blown away by how sweet the letter was, of course, but more so honored that someone would take the time to make my song theirs. And then I discovered that he wasn’t the only one!

YouTube Preview Image


(What voices y’all have!)


I can’t put to words how flattered I am… so keep em’ coming! I’ll post them here! And THANK YOU!


Rue’s Lullaby. (The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins)

Posted on | March 16, 2012 | 1 Comment

I’m a really big fan of The Hunger Games and I’m a really big fan of lullabies. When I read the books I immediately came up with melodies for each of the beautiful, sad songs and decided to record them… Here’s Rue’s Lullaby from the first book. I hope you like it!

YouTube Preview Image


Getting Weird on The Waqueline Stern Show, Part Two!

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So, January has been a slow month… because my sinuses hate me and my wisdom teeth decided to run away. But, I found a couple of days to be well enough to perform a couple songs with my good friend Andy Bilinski on the Waqueline Stern show on Carrboro’s WCOM. And, as you might have expected, I made everyone as uncomfortable as I possibly could. Thank you, thank you.

Here’s a video of the show:

(I love the still shot that they chose for this video! I look-ov-er-it! But I had a good time! I swear!)

My Tops List for 2011

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Oh hey blog! Long time no… Don’t give me that look. I was all over the dang place playing YOUR Holiday parties! Anyway.

The year is coming to a close! It’s been the craziest year of my life. That’s really all that I can say. A look back at my blog will prove that but also personally… man. Nuts.

One thing that has been really awesome about this year is all the collaborations I’ve done with other artists. As someone who is a ‘business’ (<-- loose term) it's really wonderful for me to get together with people who are also trying to build their own little empires by being talented and driven. In whatever way. Music, jewelry, shoes, clothes, chopsticks... it's rad to see people doing what they love. So without further adieu, here are some of the awesome people who I think you should support in 2012!

Castles Couture

Caroline Castle made me an awesome outfit for my birthday show at the Whiskey! I’m wearing the boyfriend sweater and cheekies (more on the cheekies in a minute.)
Boyfriend Sweater! (Pictures from Facebook by Christina Laine-Magliochetti)

If you look closely you can see the cheekies through my white sweater (but don’t look too close, u nasty!) …but they are one of my favorite things and I wear them all the time!

Mill No.7

For HearNC… I worked with Celina Chapin from Mill No. 7 on a dress for the festival. Unfortunately, on the day of the show, I ripped the back of it Hulk Style. (It was actually because I had already put my shoes on and my heel got caught whoops) But this is the dress!

Oh, yeah. Mill no 7 is an upcoming fabric and design company based out of Chapel Hill, NC.

Here’s a full length of the dress MySpace style.

Ron Liberti

Now this. This was one of the highlights of my year. Before I started playing music professionally…and was awkwardly playing my little songs every six months in a loud coffee house, it was common knowledge that if Ron Liberti did any artwork for you– you were on your way. I would drag my guitar case up Franklin Street here in Chapel Hill and would look for Ron Liberti show flyers– handmade prints that were one of a kind designs. I got drunk on free wine at art show after art show where Ron’s stuff was being shown… And now my time has come! *victory*
Ron designed the poster/t-shirt design for HearNC this year and guess whose name is all over it?!

(Hint: It’s mine.)

Here’s a funny story for you: I had never met Ron before HearNC. We were watching Animal Alphabet and standing side by side when he leaned over and whispered, “Long live Freakers, right?!”
It was right in the middle of the whole Urban Outfitters scandal (read more about that here) and so we just went on about how much UO blew.

So that’s a small list of (some) of my favorites!!
Happy Holidays!!

(And yes, the rest of the pictures have been filtered by Instagram. I’m super obsessed. So if you happened to see your feed fill up with pictures of me cam-whoring… I’m sorry. I didn’t know how else to edit and save them!)

Watch Me Get Weird On The Waqueline Stern Show on WCOM.

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I messed up a manicure and (apparently) put one of my good friends to sleep… but here is my very spontaneous performances on WCOM of Foxes. Enjoy!

Fireworks, YouTube! Fireworks, HearNC!

Posted on | November 7, 2011 | No Comments

Oh Hello Blog.

I know it’s been a while… but I’ve been really busy seeing all of you in person, playing shows all over the dang place. But there have been some awesome things happening and instead of being so mysterious like always, I’m gonna tell you about them. In full. Basically. I think.

A lot of you have asked about my plans to move out of NC to chase dreams of stardom in bigger cities. When I left Wilmington, that was my plan. It’s the advice a lot of people have given me. Greener pastures and all that. But when I moved to Chapel Hill I really fell in quickly with a lot of awesome musicians and opportunities… TV shows, recurring gigs and one of my favorite events ever to be involved in; HearNC.

I was a part of the very first HearNC last year and it was such a blast. Not only was I new to town but I played original music with a full band (something I rarely do) and showed three music videos made by my very talented friends Lynn Casper, Logan Mock-Bunting and Fred Champion and walked away feeling really good.

It’s hard to think of a way to top that– or to even match it– but I was offered the opportunity to be a part of the festival this year and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

WATCH THIS VIDEO TO FIND OUT WHY (<–very mysterious. just a little.)

YouTube Preview Image

I’ll blog every day this week so make sure you check back as I fill you in on the awesome collaborations I’ve been doing, give you sneak peeks about what’s to come and show you lots of my face.

Love, B.

Busy October! WCOM, Pink Ribbon!

Posted on | October 12, 2011 | 1 Comment

Oh hey guys,

Just repacking the bag I unpacked yesterday from my trip last weekend to get ready for this weekend. (Whew.) Anyone have any foolproof way of packing a dress you don’t want to get wrinkled? I hate ironing. Comment below. I’m getting ready to head out of town for the Pink Ribbon Event tomorrow in Wrightsville Beach and I expect to see all of you in your most glamorous…

But if for some reason you can’t make it, snuggle up to your radio and listen to WCOM on Friday at six because I’ll be there! If you’ve already loved your radio too hard.. you can listen live


I’ll be talking about some of the projects I’m involved in and they are trying to convince me to do a song but we’ll see.

Don’t miss it!

keep looking »


Bibis Ellison is a North Carolina based singer/songwriter. She has performed both covers and original music all over the US, Japan and in Mexico.

“Soulful, Spine Tingling. Local favorite” – Wilmington Star News

"2013 Shore Pick" - Wilmington Star News

“2010 - 2012 Performer of the Year” – Encore Magazine

“Perfect” - Southern Gothic Productions

“A Powerhouse Singer” – Triangle Arts and Entertainment



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