Vee Log! Number Five: I’m So Dang Tired…


Vee Log! Number Four: Sleepy Planes!

(NOTE: Sorry this is so muffled. The airport is a loud place. Basically I just say I’m tired/super excited/getting on the plane!) [youtube][/youtube]

Vee Log! Number Three: What Is In That bag?!


Vee Log! Number Two: The Countdown!


Vee Log! Number One: Dallas, it’s almost time.

Here it is: An excessive, exclusive look at the next week of my life! Keep checking back for more of these over the next few days! And look for updates on twitter and facebook! [youtube][/youtube]

X Factor Update: It’s Still Really Happening!

Oh good morning! (<— subliminal message.) Things have gone back to normal for the most part (whatever that means) so it was especially exciting to get a call from the awesome people over at Fox 50 yesterday! I got all gussied up and went to the station to discuss my upcoming trip and to ask […]

Consider this a digital hug.

So, it’s starting to set in that all of this Dallas X Factor stuff is really happening. I know this because I can’t sleep, I want to shake hands with everyone I see in the grocery store and my mom and I are on the phone with each other an average of three times a […]


UPDATE: Here’s the official word! Thank you so much for all the support! : 0 FOX 50 X FACTOR WINNERS

No seriously, THE MONTH OF MAY!

Okay. So by now you’ve probably seen all kinds of mess over facebook or twitter about this– but here’s one more outlet if you haven’t. Cary Towne Center and Fox 50 hosted local auditions for X Factor, which is making its US debut this September and a few friends asked me to go. I initially […]


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