Ain’t It Always the Way…

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Here’s hoping you feel me on this one. Seeing a movie in the theater is so ridiculously expensive these days that it takes a lot for me to go. It needs to be a special occasion, the tickets need to be a gift or it has to be something I’m really excited about seeing. If all of these stars are aligned and I am at the movie theater and there on time I want to be completely UNINTERRUPTED. No talking, no cellphones, no noise. I want to EXPERIENCE THE MOVIE… and if you’re texting and I can see you, expect a mean stink face and a very annoyed Bibis.
Last night I had a date to see Super 8. As an avid Lost fan (and as one of the very few that did not see Cloverfield) I was excited.
But I should also mention that I am going on week TWO of being super sick. With a job like mine, it’s feast or famine. May was famine time. I played very little, (Dallas doesn’t count) and had a lot of time to prepare for June which is slam-packed. SO OF COURSE I GET SICK IN JUNE. I powered through a few gigs but by Saturday night, after the Glamabellum Ball, I was done.
Being sick at the Glamabellum Ball did not stop me from doing this:

But I digress.
After Saturday I was pretty down for the count. My voice is shot and I have been told not talk for the rest of the week. Things are pretty annoying without your voice, guys.
Anyway, dear friends took pity on my-newly-mute-self and decided to get me out of the house for a movie… where you’re supposed to be quiet! Great idea, right? It would have been, if the coughs hadn’t started. I can’t breathe without a cacophony of yucky wet cough sounds and being that I am such a movie theater purist, I decided to stay home and pout. (You can thank me later, potentially irritated Super 8 goers.)
I guess what I’m getting at is that I had to cancel my show for tonight. I’m really sorry.

Being that it was my first venture to Myrtle Beach I just decided that it was better to cancel it than go down there and give a half assed performance. I wanna slay it for you guys… not play patty cake with it.

To sum up this (super weird) blog post this is how I feel:

I’ll be back in Myrtle Beach in two weeks. I’ll make it up to you then, I promise! As for everyone else– the shows next week are on, voice willing!



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  1. Joel
    June 21st, 2011 @ 6:06 pm

    Making all kinds of cameos in Bibis-world. Blowin up da spot!

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