High School?

So. You’re social networking, you’ve been doing so for a while, you’re feeling pretty good… and all of a sudden people from high school start finding you. At first, it’s exciting! You can reconnect! Look at your lab partner’s cute baby boy or odd shaped husband! The boy who touched your butt during prom! How […]

Ain’t It Always the Way…

Here’s hoping you feel me on this one. Seeing a movie in the theater is so ridiculously expensive these days that it takes a lot for me to go. It needs to be a special occasion, the tickets need to be a gift or it has to be something I’m really excited about seeing. If […]

Things I Like Right Now.

So I’m up before eleven (thank you very much) and packing for a long weekend of shows and because I have a couple extra minutes (thank you very much) I thought I’d give you a little update. (Thank you very much.) Here’s a list of things I like right now: The baby birds who are […]

Hey, remember that time I went to Dallas, TX?

Me too! I know it’s been forever (a whole week!) since this all went down– in fact, I’ve even played a Durham show and a Wilmington show since– but I promised you a blog post and you’re in for a doozy. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera (OF ALL THE THINGS I WAS BRINGING IN THAT […]

Vee Log! Number One: Dallas, it’s almost time.

Here it is: An excessive, exclusive look at the next week of my life! Keep checking back for more of these over the next few days! And look for updates on twitter and facebook! [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbsMOOOFRt8&feature=channel_video_title[/youtube]

The Month of May!

You should check the calendar… I have a list of favorite things just like you do. It goes a little something like this: Birthday Cake French Fries Costume Jewelry Elephants My Friends Bubble Tea The Ocean …and so on and so forth. (Note: If you are my friend and reading this, this list was in […]

*Updated!!* Fashion! Dance! Art!

I am really, really excited about my upcoming show on Thursday, February 10th, at Satellite in Wilmington, NC! I recently did a photo shoot for Edge of Urge (a famously fantastic boutique) as their band of the month. Because they love glitter and because I love glitter, we decided to throw a party! If the […]

I love presents! (From Steven Haines!)

I’ve got some rad friends. Because the website is new, I haven’t had a chance to really show you how much much so, but now’s as good a time as any! Just today I received this one of a kind necklace from my longtime super talented friend Steven Haines, from Myrtle Beach SC, who has […]

We’re almost there!

We did it! Welcome! Info will be added regularly, and the site will be building over the next little while so be patient. …but YESSSS! (Below is a picture of me jumping up and down:)


Bibis Ellison is a North Carolina based singer/songwriter. She has performed both covers and original music all over the US, Japan and in Mexico.

“Soulful, Spine Tingling. Local favorite” – Wilmington Star News

"2013 Shore Pick" - Wilmington Star News

“2010 - 2012 Performer of the Year” – Encore Magazine

“Perfect” - Southern Gothic Productions

“A Powerhouse Singer” – Triangle Arts and Entertainment