High School?

Posted on | July 6, 2011 | 2 Comments

So. You’re social networking, you’ve been doing so for a while, you’re feeling pretty good… and all of a sudden people from high school start finding you. At first, it’s exciting! You can reconnect! Look at your lab partner’s cute baby boy or odd shaped husband! The boy who touched your butt during prom! How is he doing?!
Someone starts posting pictures of you from your awkward years. You panic. You don’t want people to know you did that to your hair! You don’t want people to see how terribly you dressed! If you’re feeling this one, read on:

When it happened to me the first time, I untagged myself for a while and just pushed everything under the rug. High School can be summed up like this: My freshman year I tried to change my name to Elisabeth so that I would ‘fit in.’ Sophmore year was just a short skirt, patent loafer disaster. By junior year I was attending an arts high school, had gotten close with gifted, inspirational teachers and was in the shaky process of finding my own identity. By senior year I was ready to get the heck outta dodge. Where it’s a fond memory now and not one to be taken too seriously, when someone started putting high school pictures of me on the internet I was a little mortified. But after the fourth or fifth time, I just laughed it off and remembered how ridiculous it all was. (In the good way.)

(That red circle is yours truly– wearing a choir dress that only my momma could love in my senior year, I think? Anyway.)

The band (OG!) was approached by an awesome agent a few months ago about playing Myrtle Beach… which is where I grew up. Immediately, I got a little squirmish thinking about all of those awkward photos. I didn’t go to my reunion… I’m awkward enough as it is without catching up with people who remember me for my monologues and chorus solos, my leopard print tights and unfortunate hair color choices. But I grew up a little bit. I thought about it some more– how fun would it be to play music in some of the same places where my Dad did?
So we agreed … and then our first gig was cancelled due to me being sick as a dog. BUMMEROONIE.

But we’re back! Give us a second chance! We’ll be at Plyler’s Park on the Boardwalk downtown… and we’re really excited about the rest of our summer gigs in Myrtle Beach. Check the calendar– we have plenty! Come and size up my awkward tendencies. If we went to high school together– I DARE YOU!


2 Responses to “High School?”

  1. corey
    July 6th, 2011 @ 2:30 pm

    I remember you as anything BUT awkward – just extremely talented and sure of herself!

    Remember winning the Gospel Festival at the House of Blues…I remember us all being backstage and someone asking where the little black girl is who sang the solo and then the surprise when we pointed to you – oh, no little black girl, just a white girl with a lot of soul!

  2. Lauren
    July 6th, 2011 @ 2:31 pm

    Ohhhh the poofy sleeve dress. Mine is still hanging haphazardly somewhere in the back of my closet…

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