I Refuse To Be Beaten!

Posted on | June 30, 2011 | 1 Comment

So, as the majority of you know I have been super duper sick over the past FEW weeks. I put an emphasis on ‘few’ as a reminder to myself: It was all my fault. I started getting cold symptoms and was like, “Whatevs… I’ll just rest and take theraflu (which is a hilarious sight) and be fine.” And then all of a sudden I wasn’t fine, I was getting worse. By the time I finally saw a doctor I had a pretty awful sinus infection AND bronchitis. This is how I felt all the time:

I’ve been on two antibiotics and a steroid (I am flexing for you right now, you can imagine) but it’s definitely been a slow, boring road to recovery.
I’m finally well enough to be outside/see people/play shows/live my life again!!

I’m starting with a super fun show with John Drymon in Chapel Hill At Aloft Hotel tonight… the lounge we’ll be performing in is ridiculously nice and cozy (and the bar sorta rules) so come and see us! From seven to ten!

Then tomorrow! Worlds collide! Come and see The Bibis Ellison Band (the OG) with friends the Super Contra Band (how many interchangeable members will you spot!?) at Wild Wing Cafe in Wilmington!

Will I survive? I don’t know!
Will it be fun? YES YES YES!!

Come and see us!


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  1. george myers
    June 30th, 2011 @ 3:30 pm

    Sorry to see that you’ve been lousy sick with Flu, Bronchitis and whatever else was crawling through you. Glad to know that you are back among the land of the living. Will do my best to make the show at Wild Wings cafe on Jul.01 Next time, get the damn flu shot! I hate it too, beats the real thing. Had the same thing happen to me. Tried to blow off the flu and it kicked my butt for a few weeks. Never again.

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