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I’ve been drinking a lot of green tea lately because of all the good stuff I hear about it… and because it seems especially hip. So a good friend of mine and I got together and were so hip and drank green tea and we started talking about music and how the majority of the time I am singing covers. I was thinking about how, when you play music all the time like I do, it’s hard to be as emotionally moved by it outside of work. (I use the term ‘work’ loosely.) When I’m on stage for ya’ll… I feel a lot. But when I’m at home, I rarely get the feeling like I did when I was younger (and too afraid to make my own music.)
Remember that feeling when someone you admired gave you your first mix and it was full of shit you had never heard and your mind was just totally blown? Or how, after your first real heartbreak, there was that song you couldn’t listen to for months? I missed that feeling.
All of a sudden my friend says to me, “Why don’t you do a show of songs that are important to you? That symbolize something? Call it a mixtape.”
I let that ruminate for a little while. I went home and started writing down songs that meant something and I realized that, after twenty songs or so, I had this little private calendar of my life. It was wild. I had that feeling all over again– remembering how each song just made me FEEL.

So Wednesday, September 7th, at the Station in Carrboro, NC I’m gonna have a go at it live. Some of the songs you may have heard me do before– some of them I can absolutely guarantee you haven’t. My lovely friend Brett Wilson and I will be interpreting everything from VAST to Judas Priest, Bonnie Raitt to The Cure. I’ll talk about what some of the songs mean to me. I won’t talk about others. (<--- so mysterious.) Also! If you haven't been to The Station in Carrboro, it’s pretty bitchin’.

Please come!

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