No seriously, THE MONTH OF MAY!

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Okay. So by now you’ve probably seen all kinds of mess over facebook or twitter about this– but here’s one more outlet if you haven’t.

Cary Towne Center and Fox 50 hosted local auditions for X Factor, which is making its US debut this September and a few friends asked me to go. I initially declined… but then, totally spur of the moment, decided I would go. I lined up with 500 other people last Saturday in the parking lot and laughed about how silly it was all going to be and how I had no shot. We were in line for five hours. (That is not a joke. Thank god I brought a sandwich, amIright?!) When we finally got indoors (did I mention I was in the early afternoon sun, in a parking lot, for five hours?) I registered and they took my picture:

And then all of a sudden I was being interviewed for Fox 50 about what I was going to sing, if I thought I had the “X Factor” and whether or not I was nervous.  All of a sudden I was like, “OH GOSH!! THIS IS SERIOUS!!” and spent the next twenty minutes figuring out what to do if, come my audition time, I threw up in front of the judges. Would I play it off as part of the act? Was that a good idea?

Right. So my audition time comes, I’ve made friends with the people around me… and we’re all comforting each other and amping each other up for our big one minute shot to impress the judges. I should also mention that this is in the food court of Cary Towne Center and there is a crowd gathered. So anyway! My number comes up and I decide to sing a little snippet of “Rolling In the Deep” by Adele simply because I love to sing it. It’s such a great song. And the majority of audiences that I’ve done it for seem into it as well. Ya’ll, I was terrified.

(^ That face is terrified.)

My audition came towards the end of a very, very long day for the judges and everyone at Fox 50 so I prepared more like thirty seconds of my song instead of the full minute because I was watching people get the mic turned off on them left and right. It seemed only fair for me to give them a little break. But when I started singing and reached the end of what I thought was my thirty seconds the mic was still on– and I kept going and going and going. It doesn’t seem like it when you see the video but when you’re up there, with a mic in your hand, in front of four super successful people judging you IN A FOOD COURT … everything moves in super slow motion. So I wrap it up. All of a sudden people are applauding and I get really taken aback by it all…and I started to feel really good. Relieved, a little shocked but good.

Then the giggles started and I laughed for like three hours straight.

I was told, as I was leaving, that the top twenty would be announced the following Tuesday (so two days ago now.) Ya’ll, I know I can sing. I don’t doubt that. But of five hundred people, my chances of getting chosen for a TV show were slim. Do I think I have the X Factor? Sure. Do I think I’m what a TV show is looking for? Who knows. I called the whole thing a day. It was fun, I had met people, that was that.

And then Tuesday morning had rolled around and I had made it!!!

Holy moly!

There’s been a huge amount of support and I am seriously so, so touched that so many of you have taken time to sign up and comment for me on the site.

On May 9th, they’ll pick the top three videos and send them to Dallas, TX, all expenses paid, to audition for the show. I didn’t realize, when I woke up last Saturday, how much this meant to me and how badly I wanted it. If you have time, please visit the Fox 50 site and check out the videos. Comment for your favorite! (Please oh please let me be your favorite?)


And just because I can’t end this without a little shout out, please vote for little David too. He’s absolutely my favorite.

Make sure we’re friends on facebook and twitter, I’m basically doing a live feed of my life right now. Wish me luck! Let’s go to Dallas!

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3 Responses to “No seriously, THE MONTH OF MAY!”

  1. Bryan M
    May 4th, 2011 @ 11:44 pm

    You rock!! You have major port city support! <3

  2. Carol
    May 5th, 2011 @ 2:20 am

    Bibis, I am so glad I got to read how this all went down for you. I hated getting to the end but look forward to reading the next update. Again, I am so proud of you. I would love to talk to Mike and Myra because I can only imagine how they must feelseeing their daughter with so much success. Love Always,
    Aunt Carol & Uncle Steve

  3. Cody O
    May 5th, 2011 @ 9:12 am

    Amazing, Love you.

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