High School?

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So. You’re social networking, you’ve been doing so for a while, you’re feeling pretty good… and all of a sudden people from high school start finding you. At first, it’s exciting! You can reconnect! Look at your lab partner’s cute baby boy or odd shaped husband! The boy who touched your butt during prom! How is he doing?!
Someone starts posting pictures of you from your awkward years. You panic. You don’t want people to know you did that to your hair! You don’t want people to see how terribly you dressed! If you’re feeling this one, read on:

When it happened to me the first time, I untagged myself for a while and just pushed everything under the rug. High School can be summed up like this: My freshman year I tried to change my name to Elisabeth so that I would ‘fit in.’ Sophmore year was just a short skirt, patent loafer disaster. By junior year I was attending an arts high school, had gotten close with gifted, inspirational teachers and was in the shaky process of finding my own identity. By senior year I was ready to get the heck outta dodge. Where it’s a fond memory now and not one to be taken too seriously, when someone started putting high school pictures of me on the internet I was a little mortified. But after the fourth or fifth time, I just laughed it off and remembered how ridiculous it all was. (In the good way.)

(That red circle is yours truly– wearing a choir dress that only my momma could love in my senior year, I think? Anyway.)

The band (OG!) was approached by an awesome agent a few months ago about playing Myrtle Beach… which is where I grew up. Immediately, I got a little squirmish thinking about all of those awkward photos. I didn’t go to my reunion… I’m awkward enough as it is without catching up with people who remember me for my monologues and chorus solos, my leopard print tights and unfortunate hair color choices. But I grew up a little bit. I thought about it some more– how fun would it be to play music in some of the same places where my Dad did?
So we agreed … and then our first gig was cancelled due to me being sick as a dog. BUMMEROONIE.

But we’re back! Give us a second chance! We’ll be at Plyler’s Park on the Boardwalk downtown… and we’re really excited about the rest of our summer gigs in Myrtle Beach. Check the calendar– we have plenty! Come and size up my awkward tendencies. If we went to high school together– I DARE YOU!

I Refuse To Be Beaten!

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So, as the majority of you know I have been super duper sick over the past FEW weeks. I put an emphasis on ‘few’ as a reminder to myself: It was all my fault. I started getting cold symptoms and was like, “Whatevs… I’ll just rest and take theraflu (which is a hilarious sight) and be fine.” And then all of a sudden I wasn’t fine, I was getting worse. By the time I finally saw a doctor I had a pretty awful sinus infection AND bronchitis. This is how I felt all the time:

I’ve been on two antibiotics and a steroid (I am flexing for you right now, you can imagine) but it’s definitely been a slow, boring road to recovery.
I’m finally well enough to be outside/see people/play shows/live my life again!!

I’m starting with a super fun show with John Drymon in Chapel Hill At Aloft Hotel tonight… the lounge we’ll be performing in is ridiculously nice and cozy (and the bar sorta rules) so come and see us! From seven to ten!

Then tomorrow! Worlds collide! Come and see The Bibis Ellison Band (the OG) with friends the Super Contra Band (how many interchangeable members will you spot!?) at Wild Wing Cafe in Wilmington!

Will I survive? I don’t know!
Will it be fun? YES YES YES!!

Come and see us!

Ain’t It Always the Way…

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Here’s hoping you feel me on this one. Seeing a movie in the theater is so ridiculously expensive these days that it takes a lot for me to go. It needs to be a special occasion, the tickets need to be a gift or it has to be something I’m really excited about seeing. If all of these stars are aligned and I am at the movie theater and there on time I want to be completely UNINTERRUPTED. No talking, no cellphones, no noise. I want to EXPERIENCE THE MOVIE… and if you’re texting and I can see you, expect a mean stink face and a very annoyed Bibis.
Last night I had a date to see Super 8. As an avid Lost fan (and as one of the very few that did not see Cloverfield) I was excited.
But I should also mention that I am going on week TWO of being super sick. With a job like mine, it’s feast or famine. May was famine time. I played very little, (Dallas doesn’t count) and had a lot of time to prepare for June which is slam-packed. SO OF COURSE I GET SICK IN JUNE. I powered through a few gigs but by Saturday night, after the Glamabellum Ball, I was done.
Being sick at the Glamabellum Ball did not stop me from doing this:

But I digress.
After Saturday I was pretty down for the count. My voice is shot and I have been told not talk for the rest of the week. Things are pretty annoying without your voice, guys.
Anyway, dear friends took pity on my-newly-mute-self and decided to get me out of the house for a movie… where you’re supposed to be quiet! Great idea, right? It would have been, if the coughs hadn’t started. I can’t breathe without a cacophony of yucky wet cough sounds and being that I am such a movie theater purist, I decided to stay home and pout. (You can thank me later, potentially irritated Super 8 goers.)
I guess what I’m getting at is that I had to cancel my show for tonight. I’m really sorry.

Being that it was my first venture to Myrtle Beach I just decided that it was better to cancel it than go down there and give a half assed performance. I wanna slay it for you guys… not play patty cake with it.

To sum up this (super weird) blog post this is how I feel:

I’ll be back in Myrtle Beach in two weeks. I’ll make it up to you then, I promise! As for everyone else– the shows next week are on, voice willing!


Things I Like Right Now.

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So I’m up before eleven (thank you very much) and packing for a long weekend of shows and because I have a couple extra minutes (thank you very much) I thought I’d give you a little update. (Thank you very much.)

Here’s a list of things I like right now:

The baby birds who are my new front porch roommates:

(I just found little faces in my photo editing program…get ready to see alotta those from this point on)

Rainbow/Titanium quartz crystals:

My recent VIP tent experiences (Via the North Carolina Potato Festival):

This new shatter nail polish that looks like I just reached into a volcano like no big deal:

And shows that give me an opportunity to wear costumes/force the boys to play dress up:

Pretty awesome costumes, right? Well. That’s only a teaser. On Saturday (which is tomorrow holy moly stop liking my blog so much I’ve got other stuff to do!) me and the band 2.0 are playing the Glamabellum Ball which is a party designed to generate support for the Triangle Battle of the Bands Benefit-a rock and roll charity for North Carolina Arts in Action. (Click the link and read about them. It will make you feel good.)

The theme is Antebellum meets Rock and Roll and we are really pulling out all the stops. So please come! Admission is free! Learn about NC Arts in Action- watch us look bad to the bone (we sound pretty alright, too) and donate!

More info, directions, etc HERE!

Hey, remember that time I went to Dallas, TX?

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Me too!

I know it’s been forever (a whole week!) since this all went down– in fact, I’ve even played a Durham show and a Wilmington show since– but I promised you a blog post and you’re in for a doozy. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera (OF ALL THE THINGS I WAS BRINGING IN THAT STUPID VLOG HOW DID I FORGET MY CAMERA?!) so the pictures that you’ll see aren’t the best– but I broke my cellphone taking them so just pretend to be pleased.

Dallas and the X Factor auditions were nuts. I spent four days in a sleepless haze of excitement and dread and nerves and shaky knees and platform boots. On Wednesday, we left RDU around eight in the morning. Let me tell you a little something about my private self. I am not a morning person. Southwest does this thing (how I had not flown Southwest yet, I don’t know. I’ve traveled more in the past year than ever and somehow this was new to me?) where there is no assigned seating. So no matter what, you’re going to sit by yourself and next to:
A.) Snoring Man
B.) Screaming Baby
C.) Someone/Something That Stinks

We got letter B. We were lucky enough to find two seats next to each other, my Dallas buddy and I, but it was next to a big ol’ letter B. So there will be no obligatory “I’m on the flight! I’m so excited” pictures– because I was trying for the first hour and a half to keep it together. I will tell you that the baby, when not howling, was beautiful and super cute and loved to wave, but she toyed with my emotions only long enough to make me forgive her before she started screaming again.

But then there was a transfer and things were fine. I was given a record number of FIVE bags of peanuts.

And then we were in DALLAS!

That massive square quartz crystal cluster is our hotel. We didn’t know what to expect, really, but it was MASSIVE. 28 floors, four restaurants, massive. Here’s a deceptive (also read as bad) view of the inside:

I’m not even going to show you a picture of our hotel room because it just looks like a normal room but realistically it also was massive and had funny shaped pillows that we made phallic references about and boy, was it funny!! (…because we were exhausted.)

We didn’t do any exploring that day because we knew Thursday was going to be a big event so we got some dinner and basically went to sleep. I made a vlog, you know the rest.

So Thursday morning. AUDITION DAY!!
We got up at three thirty in the morning which was crazy because coffee isn’t even available at this time of day/night and so you have to brew it in the hotel room and that’s always a disaster. But I did. And I survived. Our hotel was a five minute walk from the Dallas Convention Center where the auditions were being held… so we left and got there around six am. Because I was a Fox affiliate winner I didn’t have to stand in the ‘general public’ line (<--- smug face) so I trekked over to the contest winners line, which was only a few hundred people thick. No one really knew what to expect from this point on but there were cameras everywhere and people were already singing, trying to get other people to pay attention to them. I just did a little duck and cover, like so:

I stayed down in platform high heels land for a good while and then once they started filming scenes for the show I realized that I was now surrounded by ELEVEN THOUSAND PEOPLE. Eleven thousand people came to Dallas, from all over the country, to audition for X Factor. It was insane.

Look! Important people arriving! (Take a guess at who it is!)

We wrapped up filming by nine thirty in the morning and then, in shifts, we were lead into the Dallas Convention Center. You won’t see any more X Factor pics because they were very strict in prohibiting you from taking any. Because I was in the special line I was lead in first and we were sort of roped off into this huge room where we waited our turn to sing for a number of producers for the show. This was NOT the televised audition you see.

I can’t really tell you a lot of details (because I signed a confidentiality agreement about the process of the show) but it went a little something like this: I was filed into a little curtained room (there were 24 of these little partitioned areas and so you could hear people singing around you at any given time) and you meet, talk to and sing for a producer of the show. This went very well. We laughed, I was nervous, I almost fell down, I made it.

If you pass that round you return the next morning and do the whole thing over again, with the others who made it. So once I was done with my first audition, I left the Dallas Convention Center skipping (in platforms, not easy) and saying, “HOLY MOLY!” over and over again and then we celebrated by fine dining at Subway.

Afterwards we promptly passed the eff out.

The next morning the whole process repeated itself. I got up at four in the morning, filed down to the Convention Center at 5:45 and got in a line with the others. In ONE DAY, ya’ll, they had cut down 11,000 people to 1,500. At this point, I imagine, they are looking for extremes. They are looking for extremely good, bad, beautiful, ugly, exciting, boring… whatever they can find to make an interesting TV show.

This second audition happened much quicker and, as most of you know by now, didn’t go as well as the first one. The auditionees, once cut, aren’t given reasons why– it’s against the protocol for the show. You are simply given a yes or a no. And so that’s really all I can tell you!

One thing I would like to address is once I posted on facebook that I had been axed from X Factor I said this:

“Hey guys. I made it farther than I ever thought I would…but today the producers sent me home. I wasn’t given a reason why and I can’t quite figure it out… I’ll blog about it in detail soon… But I’m really sorry to let you down. I definitely gave it my all.”

Looking back on this, I can understand why it seemed as though I was apologizing for personally letting you down. But this wasn’t what I meant. I’m sorry that I won’t be on X Factor. That’s really it. I don’t think that by going to the audition, taking the support of tons of people with me, being myself and getting as far as I did on that alone is anything to be let down by. It was a great time. I have met a lot of people, connecting to a whole new set of ears than I would’ve otherwise and made some (hopefully) huge connections. When the producers sent me home it was only because I wasn’t what they wanted for THIS season of THIS tv show. It doesn’t invalidate what I do or how good I am at it. It just wasn’t the right fit.

Anyway, I just wanted to clear that up because I thought it was important for you to know. This whole experience has been life changing. The amount of love and support has been life changing. Good things are happening. They’re just not being televised.

So that sums up my X Factor audition. If that’s all you wanted to read about then there you have it.


We only had an afternoon to peruse Dallas but we made the most of it. Near our hotel was the Sixth Floor Museum, dedicated to the John F. Kennedy assassination and the mystery of it all. It was super spooky but fascinating. As we left we were rounded up (we must’ve looked like tourists) by this fella who decided to tell us what REALLY happened to JFK. He took us around the grassy knoll and showed us where the snipers were hiding and even made me do some reenactments. This is me pointing to where the actual sniper was on that fateful day! (The other hand in this picture is the only picture I have, sadly, of our guide:)

Unofficial assassination X spot:

Then we meandered around. Here I am being caught taking a picture:

Of this:

Hey, remember that thing you heard about big hair in Texas? It’s true.

We celebrated our last night in Texas with a FORREAL Tex-Mex dinner:

And then, for dessert, we found a magic rainbow tunnel:


So you can imagine that we were partying hard from this point on.
And that pretty much sums it up! One last time, I want to thank everyone over at Fox 50 for being so ridiculously sweet and accommodating. We had a great time, it was all thanks to you and I can’t imagine being taken better care of. So take a look at the calendar, come and see a show this summer and we’ll just do it the old fashioned way.

Vee Log! Number Five: I’m So Dang Tired…

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Vee Log! Number Four: Sleepy Planes!

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(NOTE: Sorry this is so muffled. The airport is a loud place. Basically I just say I’m tired/super excited/getting on the plane!)


Vee Log! Number Three: What Is In That bag?!

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Vee Log! Number Two: The Countdown!

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Vee Log! Number One: Dallas, it’s almost time.

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Here it is: An excessive, exclusive look at the next week of my life! Keep checking back for more of these over the next few days! And look for updates on twitter and facebook!


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